Discover the Easiest and Most Comfortable Way to use your Topical Skin Related Products.

Skinthetix garments are so comfortable and easy to use, you’ll forget you’re wearing them!  You can wear them under your regular clothes and confidently go about your normal routine until you’re topical product application is complete.

No more awkward and uncomfortable plastic wraps or trash bags.

No more messy and ineffective topical product disasters.

Your Skinthetix garments are as easy to put on as a perfectly fitting bathing suit or a compression shirt. They’ve been designed by people just like you who have struggled with what to wear, and how to dress all while keeping the all-important topical product on the skin and (hopefully) working.

Putting on a Skinthetix garment is easy. After you’ve applied your topical skin product, put on the Skinthetix garment as directed to the specifc part of your body and use the hook and loop fasteners that are sewn into the garment to comfortably close and adjust it. That’s it!

Once you’ve got your Skinthetix on, you can wear your normal clothes over it until your application is complete. When topical product application is complete, removing the garment is as simple as gently pulling apart the velcro hook and loop system to remove it and you’re ready!

Order your Skinthetix garment today so you’ll have it for your next topical skin related product application!